Broken Promise: Stepdad Paid Grade 9 Student to Shhh.. on Vag!na Pics in Phone

A 40-year-old man who is accused of taking a picture of his stepdaughter's vagina and giving her $3,000 not to tell her mother, made his first appearance in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

The man, who is of a Trelawny address, is charged with indecent assault and sexual grooming.

He has not yet entered a plea. The allegations are that on May 9 at 9:13 p.m., he unzipped the minor's pants and took a picture of her vagina using his phone.

It is alleged that he told her to keep it a secret and, on another occasion, gave her $3,000 and repeated the request.

The complainant, who is a grade nine student, was promised that she would get more money and was told not to tell her mother about the picture or money. However, the complainant's mother was made aware of the photograph and the police were also informed.

The man's phone was later checked and the illicit photograph was seen. When he was cautioned, he said: "Mi neva mean nutten. Mi tek the picture but mi just ask if she can keep a secret.

A nuh like mi a try get close to her or anything." When the matter was mentioned before parish judge Venise Blackstock-Murray, prosecutors submitted that there are similar allegations against the accused in another parish.

However, Blackstock-Murray said: "I have considered what you [the prosecutor] have said, in light of the allegations allegedly made against him in [the parish] and the fact that there is no confirmation that he has been charged arising from those allegations.

I am not minded to deprive him of his right at this time, in the absence of concrete information that he has been charged for an offence of a particular nature or otherwise in the parish."

The man was offered $200,000 bail with at least two sureties. He was ordered to report to the police twice a week and must surrender his travel documents.

A stop order was imposed and he is not to visit or be seen at the complainant's home. He is also not to have contact or communication with the Crown's witnesses. He also was made the subject of a fingerprint order.

He is to return to court on June 27 when the matter is set for mention.

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