JLP Councillor Lennox Hines Shot Dead; Police Theorized Hit

The Jamaica Labour Party, JLP Councillor/Caretaker for the Southboro Division in East Central St. Catherine, Lennox Hines, was shot dead by unknown assailants on Marcus Garvey Drive this afternoon.

A woman was shot and injured during the incident.

Reports are 5:08, armed men opened fire on Hines as he was in his sports utility vehicle in traffic close to the Tinson Pen Aerodrome.

Sources indicate that Hines was trailed in traffic by men on motorcycles who opened fire on him.

The woman injured in the incident where JLP Councillor-Caretaker for the Southboro Division in Portmore, Lennox Hines, was killed has been identified as his fiancé.

National Security Minister and JLP General Secretary, Dr Horace Chang says the other person in the car was Mr Hines’ daughter.

Dr Chang described the shooting as a hit.

Outside of politics Mr Hines was a motor vehicle inspector.

There has been a spike in murders in recent times in South St Catherine, linked to a gang conflict.

Hines was charged by police in 2007 with murder following the killing of a man and injuring of two other people in Portmore in 2007.

The incident occurred during the run up to the 2007 General Elections.

However the police have not yet established a motive for this killing.

In a statement shortly after the incident the police said they’re processing the scene.

They advised motorists who were heading towards Portmore, St Catherine from Hagley Park Road in Kingston to divert to Spanish Town Road.

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