$10 More For Juice With Ice; 'Mr Chin' Sync With Electricity Price

As the Christmas season approaches, people from all sections of the island have been trying to come up with ways to earn extra money to pay their bills and cover additional expenses.

A Chinese business owner in a St Andrew community has, however, given new meaning to the phrase going the extra mile to earn a buck or two, with a new initiative that sees customers being asked to pay $10 extra for drinks that are sold cold.

For example, if a regular drink costs $100, customers will be asked to purchase the same drink for $110 if the drink was placed in a refrigerator.

The revelation was made over the weekend when a customer went to purchase a beer and was told if the beer is hot they would pay the regular price, but if cold, it would attract a fee.

The fee, according to the wholesale owner, who customers call 'Ms Chin', is the "JPS fee".

JPS, or Jamaica Public Service, is an integrated electric utility company and is the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica.

The shop owner was heard explaining that it costs to operate a refrigerator, so to cover the money she pays for electricity, she added a fee to cold beverage.

The explanation did not go down well with two customers who were heard claiming that the move by the shop operator was not legal.

Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Affairs Commission, Dolsie Allen, when contacted about the incident on Saturday, said it was the first she was hearing about such a case.

“To be honest, this is the first I am hearing about such a case,” said Allen.

She told Loop News that she would be looking into the matter further, but said she did not think it was a breach of any policy. She said it could be a case where consumers are told of the differences so that they get the chance to decide.

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