'BIGGS' Turned Himself in When 9 Y/O Accused Him of Rape in Westmoreland

WESTMORELAND, Jamaica – A 35-year-old carpenter from Westmoreland has been charged with the alleged rape of a nine-year-old girl from the parish.

The accused has been identified as Linshane Spence otherwise called 'Biggs', of a Fort William District in the parish.

Spence was charged by the police on Monday.

Reports from the police are that the nine-year-old girl was at home with other relatives along with Spence, who is a family friend.

The report said shortly after, the relatives received news about the death of the child's mother and went to verify the news.

The complainant was then left in the care of the accused. Subsequently, Spence reportedly had sexual intercourse with the child against her will.

A report was made to the police and a statement was recorded which named Spence as the culprit. He later turned himself in at the Savanna-La-Mar Police Station where he was subsequently charged.

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