She Cheat, Me Cheat Back With Her Sister; What Me Do Wrong?

I have a problem and i would like to know if i am doing something wrong.

Back in November 2019 mi start deh wid a girl weh 8 months pregnant right. We were friends longtime but were never intimate.

She was really the one who reached out to me because the man who she claim got her pregnant wasn't owning it.


Mi and her a deh and every second she wanted to see me. She lives with her mommy and other siblings and i go by when i could or felt to but it ended up we were eventually together.

Technically, she gave birth in the last part of December, went by days after to show her some love you know. 


I took a while to go back there and she started say me and venting etc. About 6 weeks  later i went back, the baby was 7 weeks old and we talked and had a moment.

Anyways cut long story short, i keep visiting now and then n we keep dating.

I wasn't really pressured for anything as her mommy was like the man/breadwinner but i assisted with a good heart when necessary and child got older, grew up with me as daddy, loves me as daddy and calls me daddy.


It reached a stage where they now wanted me to take full responsibility. I disagreed so our dealings get rocky there but the baby girl was crying for me too often so at that point was basically she keeping us together. She was having an affair with the same man who didn't own the belly so i mentioned it to her second eldest sis who was 19 and she surprisingly said she knew felt bad n wanted to tell me but was afraid.


With that said me n the sis became close started banging, we both was loving it so at that point it was like going to see the child n also to sneak and have moments with the sister while pretending as if i don't know what the baby mother is doing.


She ended up catch up on the sister after seeing certain movements and searching her phone, worst seeing pics of me so from there on the baby mother and mother in law paint a picture saying am worthless to have affair with the other sister.


Because of that hiding the child who is now stressed out being without me and i know all that because i still link with the sister, the child will be 3 years next month and the thing is no where they can't let that child see me or else its gonna be a hell worst we live in the same community.

So tell me, what did i do wrong? comment in the comment section.

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