Tattoo Match That of Townsend; Cops Searching For Mystery Man

ST JAMES, Jamaica — A woman whose body was fished from the sea in Reading, St James on Friday morning is believed to be a popular social media personality.

While the authorities have not fully confirmed her identity, social media has been littered with expressions of condolence by fans and other users.

"We are awaiting persons to officially identify her. We've looked at Facebook, we've looked at her and we have made some good solid observations.

But as it relates to confirmation, we would rather the body be identified," a senior police officer told OBSERVER ONLINE.

"And that is being worked on, we understand that contact was made with someone who is on the way to us and as soon as that is officially verified as per police processes then we will just issue a full statement," he added.

The lawman, who said the cause of death is still being investigated, noted that there is a wound to the woman’s head.

"Investigators on the ground have not been able to discern that it is a gunshot injury and I think it's because she has been in the water but they are not able to discern [if] it is a shot or a wound that was inflicted by another object," he said.

The skimpily clad woman was found face down in waters in Reading and the police were alerted.

She has a number of tattoos which are providing investigators with clues about her identity.

The police already have a theory as to what led up to the fatally wounding of Miss Townsend.

After having dinner last night off Waterloo road she was said to have taken the knutsford express to Mobay. 

Witnesses say that her body was discarded in the sea earlier this morning and there is a link between her and a gentleman she met up with.

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