Spend 300K on Girlfriend House; Step Daughter Accuse Me of Touching Her Breast

I want to bring a matter to your attention. I am in my early 50s and I have never been married. I feel that the time has come for me to change my life.

I was living in the United States of America but I returned to Jamaica. I met a woman and my spirit took her. Our spirits came together, so I decided to follow my spirit. I have two daughters in America. They can manage on their own, so I told them I am returning to Jamaica and I got their blessings.

This lady has one daughter and one son. The daughter never liked me from the beginning, even though I would drop her to school and pick her up, and buy her anything she asks for, as long as I can afford it. About a week ago, her mother told me that she complained to her that I passed and brushed her on her breasts.

She has big breasts for her age. She said I did it wilfully because I wanted to get her attention. I didn't realise that I brushed her on her breasts. So I called her before her mother and I apologised. She said she did not accept my apology because she believes that I did so wilfully, because I like her, and want to have an affair with her.

My two daughters are telling me to leave this woman because the next thing the daughter is likely to say is that I attempted to rape her. Her mother is insisting that that little incident shouldn't cause me to leave. She thinks that I have met someone else.

Please believe when i say there is nobody else, but in these days when women are accusing men of rape, I have to be wise. I made a mistake by spending about $300,000 on this woman's house because I thought I was going to marry her and live in the house.

She said I must not expect to get that money back because she didn't borrow it. She said I spent it on my own free will. Sometimes I am at the house and her daughter is here, but I am afraid to say anything to her because she may lie on me.

Do you believe that I should leave?

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