63 Y/O Pastor Marries 18 Y/O Church Member

A strong message to 63 year old Pastor Dwight Reed, who married an 18 year old member of his church, YOU WRONG!!!

Age is more than a number. There is no way that this child is mature enough for marriage or a relationship with a man nearly five decades older than her.

Some people may justify this by saying Mary was in her teens when she birthed Jesus and married Joseph, who was most likely 10 to 20 years older. But, the cultural and social contexts for Mary's time, and our time, are vastly different. Because we have lost our sense of shared values, it's hard to say what's wrong when it comes to intimate relationships.

However, we should be able to clearly see that a 63 year old man, who has already been married three times, should not hijack the life and body of a child who is just figuring out who she is.

This damnable act should not have been allowed by the members of the church he leads, the denomination he is associated with, the father of the child who supported it, or the men of that community who should be holding him accountable.

Forgive me if I am being too judgemental. But, I could not be silent in this case.

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