Girlfriend Doesn't Like to Spend Money 💸

I am a 44-year-old man. I was married, but I lost my wife. Now I am having a relationship with a 40-year-old woman.

She said that she is in love with me, but I do not know if I can believe her because she does not share anything. We end up living together.

When she moved in, I told her that we should make a budget. We sat down to do so. I told her how much I was earning, but she refused to tell me what she earned.

I told her I had to know, if we were going to live together and share facilities.

She said we could do it another way; I could pay the rent and cable bills, and she would buy food. I have a home, but it is rented and I intended to give the people notice to quit, so that we could move in.

I do not know what this woman was hiding, but I decided to work with her. I told her that I would give her three months to decide whether we could live and work together.

I spoke to one of her daughters, and I told her that her mother did not want me to know how much she earned and we had to work with a budget.

Her daughter told me how much her mother earned, so I made up a budget by myself and showed it to her. I did not tell her that her daughter gave me an idea how much she earned, but I put the figure down.

I take care of almost everything in the house, but this woman does not want to cook. I bought groceries and all she has to do is cook when she comes home from work, but she doesn't.

I am tired of the fast-food meals. I told the tenants that I was withdrawing the notice for them to leave and they were very happy, because they are good tenants and they pay their rent on time.

I have asked this woman to leave, but she does not want to leave. I am tired of her. I want her out of my sight.

Please give me your advice.


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