DEATH THREATS: Community 'Machete Sharpener' And Family Living in Fear

The family of Davian Bryan, the Portland man who allegedly abducted nine-year-old Phylisa Prussia and who has been implicated in the disappearance of another girl, said that they are now living in fear after receiving death threats.

Sixty-five-year-old Herbert Bryan, who fought back tears on Sunday during an interview with The Gleaner outside of his Norwich residence, said that since his son ran afoul of the law, he, his daughters, and his common-law spouse have had sleepless nights.

A near 500-person manhunt comprising police, soldiers, and civilians has been launched for the 32-year-old after he was alleged to have abducted Phylisa in Bath, St Thomas, late Thursday, sparking national outrage.

Phylisa was found in bushes Saturday afternoon and taken to hospital for examination.